• #1: Do I need to be a designer, or a design graduate to join the competition?

    The competitions are open to anyone (except to the competition organizers, jury and their relatives.)

  • #2: Do I need to have an affiliation with a design company, design organization or design related institution to join the design competition?

    The competitions are open to anyone who can design, regardless of any affiliation, connection or membership to any organizations, companies or institutions.

  • #3: Do I get any advantages when I win the competition?

    - Participate in the production process of official UEFA trophy based on your design;

    - Get 2 tickets for UEFA EURO 2020™ Final match in London, on July 12th;

    - Attend Trophy handover.

  • #4: Do I have to pay to submit?


  • #5: I want to win this competition, what can I do?

    To win this competition, first of all you need to have a good idea and design. In addition to being excellent, your designs or products should also be unique or groundbreaking, they must have a new core-idea or great value improvement.

  • #6: Do I need to send all photos / renders / sketches / views combined as a single image or shall I send all the visuals as separate images?

    Please try to submit each picture / image / render or sketching as a separate file. It is preferred that you do not combine images. Total size of uploaded images should not be more than 16 MBs.

  • #7: Can I submit several designs as a single entry?

    In principle several different designs cannot be submitted as a single entry.

  • #8: When the winner will be announced?

    Winner of the competition will be announced on 31th of March on Gofarsocar.com